Non-Com Radio 101

We spend a lot of our time promoting your music to non-commercial and college radio.

The streaming internet radio service Pandora is claiming that there were 1.8 billion Listener Hours to its service during the second quarter of 2011 (  According to the information RRC has for the fourth quarter of 2010 (13 weeks), there were 2.3 billion Listener Hours to CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) stations.  Digital listening (internet, HD, podcast) could possibly increase this total.

Arbitron has released “Public Radio Today, 2010 Edition,” an analysis of audience demographics and listening patterns of the nine most popular public radio formats: News/Talk, News-Classical, Classical Music, News-Music, Adult Album Alternative (Triple A), Jazz, News-Jazz, Variety Music and News-Triple A.

“Public radio continues to be a vibrant and relevant part of many Americans’ lives,” said Chris Meinhardt of Arbitron. “The medium plays an important role in today’s media landscape by providing important programming not available anywhere else. Public radio is also meeting the challenges of a crowded media landscape by taking full advantage of technological innovations, including podcasting, Internet streaming and HD Radio multicasting.” Some of the highlights of the study include:

• News/Talk captures nearly half of all public radio listening and remains the most-listened-to public radio format in the nation, with twelve more stations adopting the format in 2009.

• Formerly known as Triple A/Eclectic, Adult Album Alternative (Triple A) had 11 fewer stations in Fall 2009 compared to a year earlier, but its numbers are relatively stable.

• Twenty-six new Variety Music stations helped boost the format from a 1.7 share to a 2.2 share of the public radio audience in 2009.

• Arbitron also found that while Triple A’s age composition has shifted from year-to-year, it has a younger age profile than all other Public Radio formats.


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Distiller Promotion
In a world where its more important to impact the key players at all the cutting edge radio formats as opposed to just peaking on top of a chart, we offer targeted radio promotion to the programmers at college Radio, non commercial AAA, and modern rock specialty who start the buzz on your records.  If you need one company to grab the attention of college, non-comm AAA and specialty radio look no further. We are your solution.

We also target genre specific programming for world and electronic music radio programs and all reporters to CMJ RPM and World Panels and Jazzweek World Panel. Email us for more specific info.

Check out our current projects by genre in the navigation and drop me a line at to get in touch about collaborating on future projects.

Digital Delivery of Music to Radio stations and tastemakers

Pitches for interviews in tour markets
Email, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace blasts promoting tour dates


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Client/Station Testimonials

“I’ve seen first hand that you don’t take on every band offered to you. I’ve also noticed that while other companies are taking on more and more bands that sound like the formula, bland alt middle, you’re almost completely staying away from that.” – Bruce,

“Thank you for doing your job so much more competently then so many others. This helps keep you guys on the short list when labels and bands ask me to recommend radio promo companies.” – Ted, Bagel Radio

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Requesting Music
If you are a radio station, blog, writer, tastemaker or anyone else who thinks you should be getting music from us drop us an email at

Submitting Music
If you would like to submit music to be considered for one of our promotional or marketing services or for inclusion in our music programs with National Geographic you can submit electronic files to us by sending a zip file to Please follow these criteria so we can best deal with your submission:

1. Be sure tracks are properly labeled.
2. Include your contact information.
3. Include artwork if available.
4. Include artist bios, links or any other material you would like considered.
5. Put everything in ONE folder. Please do not send 10 tracks as 10 different files.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can review your music.