Legacy Alchemy Radio EP cover.jpg

Alexandra Jackson -Legacy & Alchemy EP (Robert Hebert/Legacy & Alchemy)

Add Date: 02/06
Focus Track: 1, 2, & 3
FCC: Clean
Formats: Triple A & World

Artist Info: The most vital genre-blending sound in our global reality is created by the crosscurrents of cultural music. What used to be deceptively categorized as “world music,” the new and vibrant sounds of today are best described by the iconic Brazilian songwriter/singer Ivan Lins as “total music”— an instrumental elixir of jazz, blues, funk, soul, neosoul, ethnic and regional music from around the world. Arguably the most remarkable new artist to give voice to this fresh, uncategorizable style of modern music is the dynamic and spirited vocalist Alexandra Jackson who makes her striking debut with the brilliant Brazilian-American “total music” collaboration, Alexandra Jackson: Legacy & Alchemy, executive produced by Robert Hebert. 

The album pays homage to Brazilian music, which celebrated significant anniversaries in the last few years: 2016 marked the 50-year high point of bossa nova and 2017 was the 100th anniversary of samba. “There’s a huge melting pot of music in our world today,” says the Atlanta-based singer. “So this album offers the opportunity for people to step outside the box. It’s not just jazz, not the blues, not soul, not bossa nova, not samba, but it’s a mix of them all.” As such, different idioms of Brazilian music come to life in Jackson’s contemporary delivery on Legacy & Alchemy—each with an in-depth story as the backdrop—which in essence relaunches the rich music legacy of the country as a contemporary force.