Alexandra Jackson -Legacy & Alchemy (Robert Hebert/Legacy & Alchemy)

Add Date: 05/01
Focus Track: 7, 4, & 13
FCC: Clean
Formats: Triple A & World

Artist Info: Legacy & Alchemy is a wide ranging music album that brings together great music icons and talents from both Brazilian and American music. The project introduces a bright new international vocalist, Alexandra Jackson, presented in music and media productions that feature some of world's great music stars, songwriters, producers and musicians. These artists convened to collaborate on and present signature songs from Brazil music, re-imagined in a way that immediately evokes the unmistakably unique spirit and soul of Brazilian music. As such, different idioms of Brazilian music come to life in the songs recorded for the Legacy & Alchemy project — each with an in-depth story as the backdrop — which, in essence, reaffirms the musical legacy of Brazil as a contemporary force.

On April 30, 2018, Alexandra Jackson, her producers Robert Hebert and Larry Williams, and an all-star group of Brazilian musicians from the album: Arthur Maia, Teo Lima, Pretinho da Serrinha, Andre Siqueira, Marco Brito, Joao Castilho, Marcelo Martins and Jesse Sadoc will join the International Jazz Day festivities at their own event in Rio de Janeiro. They will celebrate the release of: ”Alexandra Jackson: Legacy & Alchemy”, and will honor the legendary guests from the album, including Dona Ivone Lara, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Miles Davis, Al Jarreau, Oscar Castro-Neves, Ivan Lins and Carlinhos Brown.

That night, Ms. Jackson will present the World Premiere original recordings: “Corcovado” — featuring Miles Davis, Antonio Carlos Jobim & Ivan Lins; “All One” — featuring Al Jarreau, Larry Williams & Oscar Casto-Neves; and the Carlinhos Brown song: “Veleiros Negros”. In a special acknowledgment ... they will perform the late great Dona Ivone Lara’s “Sonho Meu” and “Força da Imaginação.”