SRLP 008_Ancient Astronauts & Azeem - BROKEN PUPPETS_cover 2400 x 2400.jpg

Ancient Astronauts & Azeem - Broken Puppets (Switchstance)

Add Date: 10/03
Focus Track: 5, 9, 3
FCC: Clean
Format: Electronic, Hip Hop

Artist Info: One of the paramount names in underground hip-hop, Germany's Ancient Astronauts aim to show up their American contemporaries with a work that is every bit as forward-thinking as it is old-school. A heady, brewing commixture of hip-hop, soul and elucidating poetry, BROKEN PUPPETS serves as a staggering volley into the radio-ready market, which is sure to find the band an audience beyond their cultishly small and devoted fanbase.

On their fourth full-length LP, Ancient Astronauts, once again, employ the talents of Bay Area lyricist Azeem, master of the seven-rhyme technique.Turning out his self-called “medicine bag” of lyrical formulas, Azeem applies his rhymes like sutures on these 12 soul-seeping hip-hop mash-ups. His work with the Cologne-based duo extends eight years back; the sci-fi hip-hop noodlings on the spacey, sublime We Are To Answer was a sagacious meeting of minds, a work in which Azeem would offer resources of astonishing talent. His ongoing work with Ancient Astronauts has never been anything less than electrifying and his prominent features on this new album reveal even greater heights reached through a collective inspiration.

The BROKEN PUPPETS duo, comprised of Kabanjak and Dogu who make up the Ancient Astronauts, exercise a new dynamic in their globe-spanning hip-hop, one that encompasses the bass-heavy exploits of reggae and dub. At times, BROKEN PUPPETS extends its perimeters beyond the borders of hip-hop-based influences to focus on philosophies arcane and metaphysical. It is an album that secures a common ground in the storms of extremes. Between the numinous poetry and the bass-banging beats, it radiates like a third eye, if you will, in the squall of a hurricane.