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Ane Brun - Leave Me Breathless (Balloon Ranger Recordings)

Add Date: 10/03
Focus Track: 3, 1, 6
FCC: Clean
Format: Top 200, Triple A

Artist Info: It might seem peculiar to suggest Leave Me Breathless, Norwegian-born, Stockholm-based Ane Brun’s seventh studio release, is her most personal yet, given that it consists of fourteen cover versions. After all, love and romance have never been themes the multiple Norwegian Grammy Award-winning artist has shied away from; her songs frequently overflow with candid, confessional insights. Nonetheless, Brun confides, “the whole project started with me falling head over heels with someone new. I recorded cover songs for this person because, quite simply, I was overwhelmed by emotions. The love story was short, but, when it ended, I continued the project, since I felt there was a quality to the versions that I ́d already finished. The original idea had been to interpret love songs, romantic songs – it didn’t have to be a specifically sad or happy love – but, in the end, there are a few songs with other themes as well. It became a concept of simplifying or interpreting emotional songs in my own way.”

It’s Brun’s ability to find meaning and sentiment in her chosen songs that ensures Leave Me Breathless is never less than exquisite. “There’s a long tradition through the history of popular music for artists to perform other people’s music,” she concludes. ”So many great singers have done this: Sinatra, Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Jeff Buckley, Billie Holliday, Elvis... I just feel that when a singer I love sings songs I love, it can be a gift, and I guess that ́s what I believe this album can be. For the people who enjoy my voice to hear me sing songs they love...It ́s as simple as that.