Arashkha - ‘A Tribute to the Dark Venus’ (Les Editions Musjo Édition Raoul Breton)

Add Date: 01/22/2019
Focus Tracks: 4, 3, & 6
FCC: Clean
Formats: Electronic & World

Artist Info: Arash Khalatbari has lived on Réunion, a French island east of Madagascar on the Indian Ocean, since 2001. It was there, as Arashkha, that he recorded his new album, A Tribute to the Dark Venus.

His third solo album, A Tribute… is an ode to the matriarchal power whose role was flouted by a monotheistic patriarchy, the warrior-manufacturer of a totalitarian order. Conceived on Réunion, the record is also an occasion to work again with his friend and accomplice: renowned producer Carmen Rizzo (Coldplay, Alanis Morissette, Seal), who mixed the album.

Arashkha, faithful to his rich and eclectic musical signature, grabs the listener’s attention with “Gloria a La Negra,” sung in Spanish and carried by the Funana rhythm of Cape Verde. “Funana Javanaise,” another track with the same Cape Verdean groove, rides on an Amerindian flute and a rock ’n’ roll bagpipe. “Barbarian Sunrise” is a track where the groove of the Tarentelle and the Celtic and medieval melodies meet.

And in the ternary family, a style of rhythms Arashkha particularly likes, he offers listeners a trio of nuanced songs: “Midnight Kudeta,” where he offers an electronic take on Malagasy Salegy; “Golden Baobab,” in which he pays tribute to the rebellious beat of the Maloya of Réunion; and “A Trip in Rabat,” through which he brings us to the kingdom of the Gnawas of Morocco, adding a zest of Chaâbi and electronics at the limit of distortion. You can hear his voice in Afrobeat mode on “Nigeria Will Never Die” and in New Wave colors on “Banyan Tree.”