Arian Saleh Antoinette Cover Art.jpg

Arian Saleh - Antoinette (Milonga Mischief)

Add Date: 01/17
Focus Track: 1, 10, 8, & 2
FCC Clean
Formats: College, World

Artist Info: Following up what was hailed as “one of the best out-of-left-field releases of 2013”, Brooklyn based composer and singer/songwriter Arian Saleh is set to release his second full-length album, Antoinette, on January 20, 2017.

The 10-track album advances Saleh’s signature alternative-world sound, combining Gypsy, Middle Eastern and Western sensibilities to create a wholly distinctive collection of songs. Antoinette boldly weaves together the dark and hopeful to examine complex themes of shifting identity, cultural appropriation, romance, and the inextricable link between promise and despair.

The album was recorded at the renowned Carriage House Studios in Connecticut and produced by the Grammy nominated team of cellist Dave Eggar and drummer Chuck Palmer. It features a number of internationally acclaimed musicians and instrumentalists, creating a unique energy and sense of place. As a recording artist, Saleh has released The Cobblestone EP (2010) and Undone (2013), which included the song "Open Your Mind Let Me Out," nominated for an Independent Music Award. He’s also founded The Libretto Project and works as a composer scoring films and commercials. Currently residing in Brooklyn, Saleh continues to play all over the country, writing music that carves through many genres and influences, asking more questions than it answers.