Avian Comfort - Weekender EP (Hush Hush)

Add Date: 09/03/2019
Focus Tracks: 1, 4, & 2
FCC: Clean
Formats: Electronic & Chill

Avian Comfort is a new collaborative project between Seattle-based electronic producers and Hush Hush alums Shelf Nunny and Academy Garden. As we head into the tail-end of summer, Hush Hush Records is honored to help present their debut offering, the expansive and colorful 4-track EP, Weekender.  

Avian Comfort is the musical culmination of a budding friendship between two like-minded electronic producers. Ethan Strange began his solo career under the alias Celadon City, releasing his debut album Earth OST on Hush Hush in February 2016. He’s since put out an EP on Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs label, self-released his sophomore album Somehow We Will Get Through This, and also recently changed his alias to Academy Garden. Originally hailing from Edmond, Oklahoma, Ethan made a new home in the city of Seattle in summer 2018, and in his desire to meet friends and make new sounds, he connected IRL with his long-time online buddy and fellow Hush Hush label mate Christian Gunning, best known under his musical moniker Shelf Nunny.  

The two began to brainstorm ideas together while exploring how to best fuse their individual production techniques. Over the course of 8 months of conversation, connection, and collaboration while both living in the Pacific Northwest, Avian Comfort was ultimately born. The moniker is a nod to the duo’s affinity for ethereal and weight-less soundscapes, as well as the soaring melodies and kinetic rhythms that often appear throughout the EP. Beginning with the joyful and buoyant title track, the EP segues into "Starboard," a skittering and intricate IDM-inflected journey akin to wandering through a luminous maze. "Chapel" kicks off the latter half, utilizing a steady mid-tempo pulse to set the foundation for layers of expressive guitar, evocative piano, and glistening textures. Weekender gently wraps up with the aptly titled "Murmuration" as it sighs its way through a blissfully nostalgic vibe, its cinematic downtempo beat serving as the release's widescreen sunset.

With Ethan returning to Oklahoma later this summer to pursue his Master's degree, the two plan to continue collaborating online on more music from their respective home bases. While their creative process may be shifting, the future is bright thanks to the foundation of Weekender, their transportive 4-track debut that serves as a gorgeous sonic photograph of their time spent together with the Pacific Northwest as the backdrop.