BBB Kum Kum Remixes Art.jpg

Balkan Beat Box - "Kum Kum (feat. A-WA)" [Remixes] (Digital Monkey)

Add Date: 11/7
Focus Tracks: 1, 3
FCC: Clean
Formats: Electronic, World

Artist Info: The latest offering from Balkan Beat Box’s fifth studio album, Shout It Out, is a brand new video of the single, “Kum Kum”featuring Yemenite Israeli sister­trio, A-­WA whose vocals add a bit of feminine charm to the rhythmically complex song. In addition to the music video, there are three remixes of “Kum Kum” that bring Balkan Beat Box into another sphere by expanding the single into an electronica dream. The first remix is from Serbian electronica duo Shazalakazoo, whose own music is spiced with flavors from the Balkans. The second is by Israeli DJ Yanivi who is part of Zebra Music Agency in Tel Aviv and topped the Beat Port charts with his track "Rock This Joint". Also delivering a remix and part of Zebra Music Agency in Tel Aviv is DJ BrainDeaD, whose last remix was dubbed one of the best songs of 2016 by Diplo. Lastly, “Kum Kum” has been synched in an international television and digital ad campaign for Motorola’s Moto x4, which was recently unveiled in Berlin. This blasts BBB into the stratosphere, linking their cleverly swirling track with the fresh face of the Moto x4, and the individuality it embodies. Watch the ad here.