Black Kids - "Obligatory Drugs" [Single] (Not Fussed Records)

Add Date: 06/27
Focus Track: 1
FCC: Clean

Artist Info: Black Kids have returned with their new track “Obligatory Drugs”, the first release since their 2008 debut album Partie Traumatic. The single appears on their forthcoming sophomore album Rookie, out September 15.

A deadpan yet infectious party Jam complete with its own stoner dance moves, "Obligatory Drugs" is a classic Black Kids genre-clash. "What if Mark E. Smith had social-media anxiety and barked over a Specials track?" asks lead singer and guitarist Reggie Youngblood of the track.

“Much like Odysseus and Co., on our journey to make the ‘difficult second album,’ shit got rough,” Youngblood says. “A few of us heeded the siren call of ‘side projects.’ Tumultuous relationships and periods of Imposter Syndrome also impeded progress. Worst of all, I couldn’t write a chorus. And for a band that worships The Chorus, this was problematic.”

Rookie is more lyrically earnest than its predecessor, and Youngblood notes that the “bratty-ness” is toned down — “but just a lil’ bit,” he says. “Yeah, the themes from our debut are still firmly in place on our sophomore: I love you, but you don't love me; you love me, but I don't love you; you're mean, I'm mean—shall we dance?”