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Nina Miranda - Freedom of Movement (Six Degrees)

Add Date: 05/23
Focus Tracks: 8 (AAA), 2 (RPM), 1 and 10 (World) 
FCC: Clean
Format: College, Electronic, World

Artist Info: Nina Miranda has spent most of her life living between Brazil and London, and her hotly awaited solo album, Freedom of Movement, bursts with the dissonance and freedom of her experience. 

Reminiscent of the flamboyant, nimble songbird that haunts the lowland forests of eastern Brazil—the scarlet tanager—Miranda migrates between musical continents with a fluency and originality that is totally immersive. The result is a record that resonates with the glorious genre-hopping hybridity that her fans have come to relish over the years. This solo outing also shows its political teeth, with conscious lyrics that warn against complacency,a galvanic call to action at this crucial time in our collective history. 

With Freedom of Movement, featuring contributions from members of Ibibio Sound Machine, Nina Miranda marks herself out as a singular talent, and her international edge is more crucial than ever. On this record, this bird really does fly.