bridges and powerlines cover art.jpg

bridges and powerlines - National Fantasy (Vitalic Noise)

Add Date: 9/27
Focus Tracks: 9, 5, 1
FCC: 4
Formats: College, Modern Rock Specialty

Artist Info: Perfectionism comes at a price. bridges and powerlines spent 2 years completing their new LP, National Fantasy, building a proper recording studio in the cellar of an NYC brownstone to indulge in obsessive studio craft. To further complicate matters, during the creation of the album, the band built and opened Gold Sounds, a live music venue in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. The studio and venue are now commercially successful entities, and the band has refocused on stimulus for these projects, recording and performing music.

The band began production of National Fantasy in 2014, recording rhythm tracks in the expansive warehouse space of Room 17 studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn before moving to their newly constructed studio in Harlem. Longtime producer Kieran Kelley (known best for his work on Sufjan Stephens’ Illinois) was an integral team member for the process, and he went on to mix the album as well. Mattie Safer, of indie dance titans The Rapture, contributed backing vocals on the album, including the title track and lead single, “National Fantasy.”

The story of bridges and powerlines goes back to 2008, when the members met and realized a common love for both harmony-laden three-minute pop songs and the angular indie rock of 90s college radio bands like Guided By Voices and Archers of Loaf. This union has produced a number of acclaimed recordings, drawing praise from tastemakers including Pitchfork, PopMatters, Gothamist, and The Washington Post, among many others.