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Chandrika Tandon - Shivovam the Quest (Soul Chants Music)

Add Date: 09/12
Focus Tracks: 3, 5, 7, 8, 14
FCC: Clean
Formats: Triple A, World

Artist Info: We don’t often see successful business executives dropping words like “bliss” into a conversation, or discussing their “journey” or explaining “being in the light.” On the other hand, neither is it common to find an extraordinarily talented composer and musician serving on the boards of major educational and cultural institutions. 

Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon is all of those people rolled into one. She is the founder of her own New York-based advisory firm, Tandon Capital Associates, Inc., where she has transformed organizations into becoming excellently performing institutions realizing their full market potential.

Shivoham—The Quest is a musical expression of the journey, an experience,” Tandon writes in her liner noes for the recording. “It is the seeking of the ‘beyond,’ that happy place where we dwell permanently in the light, in a place of love and laughter. It is my journey. It is your journey. It is everyone’s journey. We seek it in different ways. We call it success, love, happiness, peace. It takes different forms, different dreams, different expressions, and its level of intensity is constantly shifting. But The Quest for Shivoham, a state of bliss, is the same for us all—a journey that crosses lifetimes.” 

Shivoham—The Quest takes Tandon into a whole new territory. It’s a majestic musical statement, populated with several choirs, orchestras and some of the most highly touted musicians in the world. Split into three primary movements, “three distinct phases,” as she says, preceded by an overture, the suite of interconnected songs is based on thousands of years of literary and musical tradition. Tandon dedicates the work to “seekers of the light everywhere.”