CCL Twins Single Cover.jpg

Cloud Castle Lake - "Twins" (Bright Antenna)

Add Date: 11/28
FCC: Clean
Format: Triple A

Artist Info: Not every new band has to burst out from a bustling scene to be legitimized. In fact, often it's the artists who exist completely within their own realm that become the most compelling talents. Dublin-based four piece Cloud Castle Lake may make beguiling, complicated and bold compositions, but theirs is a breed of experimentation totally individual to their own searching experience, and they share a common ambition to push the lens of live performance wider, to go outside the constrictions set by genre names, and to explore beyond traditional sonic structures, offering listeners a challenging, immersive escape from the world outside. 

With Malingerer, the band wrote and practiced the songs at home, but decided to maroon themselves in the remote Donegal to record. They hunkered down for just five days in Attica Studios [Villlagers, Sam Smith] with acclaimed producer Rob Kirwan, known for his work with PJ Harvey on 'Let England Shake' and Hozier’s 'Take Me To Church'. Kirwan encouraged more of a sense of improvisation. There's a newfound sense of increased confidence among them that stems from that time spent in Donegal with such an esteemed collaborator. "It made us feel like a real band in a way, says O'Connor of their current mindset. "It's now or never. It's very real now."

Named Malingerer after the track of the same name – the centerpiece for the record – the album is a moment of respite from the shadows of life's hardships. McAuley, however, is quite opaque when it comes to revealing what those hardships are. "I guess I am slightly coyer than most about my lyrical inspiration, he notes. "The songs are a way for me to excise things that have been weighing on me. That's why they seem dark. Those are the times that need the most reflection from me and the songs are opaque for that reason. They're coded messages to process things."