Impacting on 09/19/2017:

Kelsey Kerrigan - Primary Colors (Jullian Records)

Gordon Raphael -Sleep on the Radio (Zero Hours Records)

Lo Lytes - "Hurting You" [Single] (Self-Released)

Nerina Pallot - "Man Didn't Walk On the Moon" [Single] (Idaho Records)

At Radio Now:

Antibalas Where the Gods Are in Peace (Daptone Records)

Black Kids - Rookie (Not Fussed Records) 

Brian Hill - And The Noh Starrs (Modern Sky USA)

Cotillon - The Afternoons (Modern Sky USA/Burger Records)

Death By Unga Bunga - "Bye Bye" b/w "Into the Night" (Jansen Plateproduksjon)

Diamond Street Rhythm Machine Featuring Lo Carter - "Living In Harmony" [Single] (Gemco Records)

The Domestics - Little Darkness (Self-Released)

LADAMA - LADAMA (Six Degrees Records)

Lila Downs - Salón, Lágrimas, Y Deseo (Sony)

MosquitosMexican Dust (Six Degrees Records)

MyrkurMareridt (Relapse Records)

R.L. Boyce - Roll and Tumble (Waxploitation)

Tom Devil & The Wizard - Low Tide ( Self-Released)

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