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decker. - Into The Red (Royal Potato Family)

Add Date: 07/25
Focus Track: 1
FCC: Clean
Formats: Triple A, Modern Rock Specialty

Artist Info: When Brandon Decker first moved to the small desert town of Sedona, AZ roughly eight years ago, he had little more than ambition to his name. Working by himself in a makeshift bedroom studio, he recorded his 2009 debut, Long Days, on a shoestring budget. He followed it up with critically acclaimed album after critically acclaimed album, writing and recording at the extraordinary clip of nearly a record-per-year. As Decker's songwriting progressed, so did decker.'s lineup, and the project grew to encompass additional musicians, bolder arrangements, and more sophisticated recording techniques as it garnered love from press and radio around the country. 

Magnet raved that Decker's music "bursts with emotion at every edge," while Seattle NPR affiliate KEXP said his brand of "fevered guitar licks, crashing drums, and bluesy Jack White a run for his money," and The Phoenix New Times fell for his "fiery passion," adding that decker. has "a vision unlike any other band these days." Critics were quick to pick up on the influence of the desert in the music, with No Depression hailing Decker's ability to blend "dark mystic lyrics and off-kilter attitude with taut musicianship and psychedelic romanticism," and The San Francisco Bay Guardian dubbing his songs "dusty, moody, lonely, and super atmospheric."

There's nothing particularly mysterious about Into The Red album opener "Matchstick Man," though. It's a brand new, driving rocker with a searing message about the troubled times we find ourselves living in today. In the best tradition of 70's Neil Young (who famously traveled "out of the blue and into the black"), "Matchstick Man" is a protest song that holds nothing back. It also serves as a declaration of artistic intent for Into The Red, announcing from the outset that this isn't simply a Best-Of collection, but rather a vital, timely album populated by a cast of distinctly modern, relevant characters.