Emma Rosenkranz - First Sessions (GO Records)

Add Date: 11/27/2018
Start with: “Still Thinking of You”
FCC: Clean
Formats: College, Modern Rock Specialty, & Triple A

Artist Info: From the people who first introduced you to James Hunter (People Gonna Talk, Minute by Minute, Hold On!), comes First Sessions, the debut release from Emma Rosenkranz. In each song she delivers, Emma Rosenkranz shows a musical sophistication well beyond her 18 years, yet infuses every moment with a wide-eyed sense of wonder. On her 3-song debut release, First Sessions, that time-defying dynamic is especially evident in a track called “Still Thinking of You”—an intricate reimagining of the first song Emma ever wrote, when she was just ten-years-old. Originally penned after the death of her father (a self-taught pianist who instilled Emma with a deep love of music), the former bedroom recording has since evolved into an elegantly arranged piece of folk-pop that reveals the full depth of Emma’s artistry and graceful strength of her voice.

“It’s really important to me that this release includes lyrics from my first song, since it’s very much about my journey in becoming who I am now,” says the New York City-based singer/songwriter. “I feel like making these recordings was a huge step in my musical growth, but also in my growth as a person.”

But while her lyrics explore such weighty matters as loss and loneliness and confusion, Emma ultimately imbues her songs with an ineffable hope, an element that lends her music a subtly uplifting power. “Music is a way for me to reckon with things that have happened in my life, but it’s also a way for me to create community,” says Emma, who’s now at work on her full-length debut. “When I write songs, it helps me to work through unanswered questions about myself and I hope others can connect to its message.”