Floating Points - Mojave cover art.jpg

Floating Points - Reflections - Mojave Desert (Luaka Bop)

Add Date: 06/06
Focus Tracks: 2, 1
FCC: Clean
Format: College, Electronic, Jazz, Triple A, Modern Specialty

Artist Info: Floating Points’ forth coming short film and soundtrack — Reflections - Mojave Desert (Luaka Bop) — finds Sam Shepherd and his band in a thrilling sonic exploration of environment under an endless desert sky. It is the first in a planned series of environmental recordings by Floating Points to be filmed and recorded at different locations around the world. Reflections – Mojave Desert was made last year, as FloatingPoints traveled to the Mojave to rehearse in between US touring. Immediately struck by the distinct sonic tapestry created by the rock formations and valleys, they set up a recording operation and filmed this new work at the base of the natural sculptures they encountered. The music of Reflections mirrors the landscape: soaring and vast, dynamic and intimate, centered around two longer works and shorter pieces that create an immersive and seamless 27-minute experience. 

Reflections begins with chords played on a Rhodes Chroma and recorded with a surround sound microphone. Throughout the filming, microphones were placed throughout the landscape to capture the natural sonic textures of the desert: the undulating sound of wind, a bird call, the rustling of bushes and more created a backdrop on which much of the record rests.