Grabbitz- Things Change (West Blood)

Add Date: 05/16
Focus Tracks: 4, 14
FCC: 11, 12
Formats: College, Electronic

Artist Info: Grabbitz is a one-man production powerhouse and rock band with an electronic heartbeart, loyal to no genre and inspired by all. He’s lived many lives in his 24 years on this planet and each Grabbitz song is a piece of his soul, his experiences and emotions wrung out like a wet rag. The result is stunningly authentic, the sort of music that brings universality to the individual’s experience of love and loss while miraculously managing to have a sense of humor.

The debut Grabbitz album THINGS CHANGE is an alchemic and visceral reaction to the loss of the most important person in his life, a trip into the belly of the beast on his personal hero’s journey. He’s the sort of artist who’s creating all the time, so the temptation to stay in the woods of western New York and make music just for himself was great. Grabbitz made the choice to “Play This Game.” You can hear his frustration in the grindy guitar riff and fat bassline that opens the track and his desperation to cling to love of any sort on the hybrid pulsating drumstep ballad “Don’t Let Me Go.” He finally loosens his grip on reality and surrenders to the certainty of a pop progression on “i think that i might be going crazy” – and those are just the first few songs of a twelve track album .

It’s a good thing music is therapy for Grabbitz because he’s responsible for every single aspect of his songs, from writing to production to performance. Hot off the release of his track with deadmau5 “Let Go,” his live show will be debuting in Los Angeles with a guitarist (Sullivan King) and drummer (Morillo) in May . He’s probably the only artist to ever be compared to both Trent Reznor and Eminem in the same breath (by Billboard ) so the unleashing of his highly anticipated full live performance means the pressure is on. His delivery is about to be the most rock ‘n roll electronic show you’ll see all year.