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Gregory Howe - Gregory Howe (Wide Hive Records & Angle Iron Music)

Add Date: 07/25
Focus Tracks: 2, 1, 8, 3
FCC: Clean
Formats: Top 200, Triple A, Modern Rock Specialty

Artist Info: Wide Hive Records and Angle Iron Music present Gregory Howe's first solo album. Stepping out from behind the role of producer to artist Gregory Howe joins forces with longtime collaborator Matt Montgomery (Throttle Elevator Music) to create an all-acoustic album of eighteen original songs. Joining them are superb vocalist Rossie Steffy, virtuoso violinist Laurel  Thomsen, cellist Stefanie Vartabedian, organist Matt Cunitz, and lead guitarist Mike Ramos. This recording also marks the debut of Angle Iron Records, a sub-label of Wide Hive Records that focuses on modern music with a vintage feel. Over  its  eighteen original songs, Howe’s self-titled debut features lush string arrangements alongside beautiful vocals.