Jah Sun Cover (1).png

Jah Sun - Between The Lines (Sugar Cane Records)

Add Date: 06/13
Focus Tracks: 12, 5, 3
FCC: Clean
Format: College, World

Artist Info: The recording, as well as writing, of Between the Lines was a departure for Jah Sun. Working with a diverse group of musicians helped set the tone, as well as the decision to work with other writers for the first time. “In the past, I had a pre-produced composition to write to, but this time we wrote everything from scratch, using a guitar and piano. I learned something new, that when the lyrics and music are born at the same time, it creates a totally different vibe than writing to a beat.”

While 2015’ s New Paradigm release was named one of the top 5 reggae albums by Reggaevillle magazine, Between the Lines takes listeners on a journey that starts at track 1 and ends at track 12. It is Jah Sun’s most personal work to date, and one he is immensely proud of. “This was different than my previous works, mostly because of the process, but also because I’ ve never opened up like this before. This album is so honest, tells much of my stories, and highlights musicians who have influenced me in the past. Between the Lines will go in to my catalog as a defining moment, both musically and personally.”