Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang - Build Music (Luaka Bop)

Add Date: 03/21
Focus Tracks: 2, 3, 5
FCC Clean
Formats: College, World

Artist Info: At a mixing session in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Janka Nabay, the famed modernizer of indigenous Sierra Leonean Bubu music, proclaims: "Everywhere is sorrow, tears, blood and happiness. At the same time. "Nabay is not your typical purveyor of "global grooves" where cultures easily mix in a melting pot of electronic beats. 

For Build Music, Nabay decided to shift his approach to recording. The production harks back to his ‘90s Freetown cassette recordings, built on a foundation of multi-tracked drum machines, Casios, and samplers. Nabay began the process of recording with three original Bubu Gang members: Syrian-American singer-bassist Boshra Al Saadi (TEEN, Saadi), keyboardist-musicologist Michael Gallope (IE, Skeletons, Starring), and producer-engineer Daniel Schlett (Strange Weather Studios, White Bike). Soon they enlisted the help of Steve Marion (Delicate Steve) and Matthew Mehlan (Skeletons, Congotronics vs. Rockers). In 2016, Mehlan ultimately played the role of producer, working closely with Nabay, AlSaadi, and Gallope to help sculpt three years’ worth of material.

Build Music is an intricate follow-up to the bluntly ecstatic energy of En Yay Sah. Over the course of three years, Nabay has returned to the studio to reimagine a Bubu music, which, like Nabay himself, maintains his inimitable and conflicted voice in a hypermodern world.