January Thompson - Whelmed (Remixed) (January Music)

Add Date: 06/20
Focus Tracks: 2, 4
FCC: Clean
Formats: College, Triple A, Modern Rock Specialty

Artist Info: The latest single, by singer songwriter January, “Whelmed”, produced by Steffen Aaskoven and Thor Finland, is a combination of Smart production, masterful arrangements, and a willingness to follow melody and tune above and beyond genre or format. The song is soft and tender with an extreme aesthetic discipline. Whelmed melts into a sonic palette of synth oscillations and atmospheric reverb, advancing and receding within like shadows. Percussion is employed sparingly as the rhythm is organized into the subtlest of beats that collide gently against the classical instrumentation and the tender strings played by the Copenhagen Cello Quartet in a way that seems to clarify each. The sparse backing allows Januarys distinctly rich and emotive vocals to create warmth and sweetness while the vocal overdubs create an echoing, almost haunting feeling via lyrics that tale a longing for love and togetherness and intertwine metaphor, Whelmed being an old sea term when a ship would capsize, and the process of human relationship providing layer upon layer of luxurious, uplifting, undeniably spiritual warmth. Magnificent, in every sense.