Jason McCue - PANGAEA (Fluff & Gravy Records)

Add Date: 04/03
Focus Track: 4, 1, 2, & 9
FCC: 8
Formats: College, Modern Rock Specialty, Triple A

Artist Info: "And you know that our continents will split." 

This is the phrase that Jason McCue reminds his audience of in the opening chapter of his album, PANGAEA. It’s a theme that has proven difficult for him to ignore, as over the past year the Earth beneath the 21 year-old indie-folk artist’s feet has constantly been vibrating, thrusting himself upon an unsuspecting Seattle Music Community. 

PANGAEA marks a milestone in McCue's musical life because he grew up while making it. The album’s themes revolve around the ideas of nostalgia, certainty, and the distortion of memory traveling at a rate dependent on the proportions of distance and time. All the while, these themes are deposited as references to geology, Earth history, and scientific theory. The album is intended to pose the question— What happens when the continents have drifted as far away from each other as possible? Does that mean they'll crash again?