Karen Nielsen - Deliverance Cover digital.jpg

Karen Nielsen - Deliverance (Self-Released)

Add Date: 10/11
Focus Tracks: 1, 8, & 5
FCC: Clean
Format: College & RPM

Artist Info: Karen Nielsen releases her third studio album, Deliverance, on October 14, 2016. The industrial electronic beats and haunting and ethereal vocals which Nielsen is known for are still present, but this time with the help of collaborators Darren Morze (of Oscar winning "Curfew") and Michael Jurin (Stellastarr*) they created canvases of sounds to exemplify the chaos of the world in which we live. The emotions emanating from the music are personal, but the stories they were born from are not. They are all of our stories.

While writing this album, Nielsen, through her work as a physician, treated many patients from the United Nations often upon their return from disaster relief assignment in Syria, Yemen, South Sudan or Ukraine. The stories these patients tell are real. The tragedy is real. She had patients who were victims, left for dead, or who suffered from addiction. But in the tragedy they continue to persevere - and in their efforts to help and recover, they show the melancholic beauty of what it means to be human. During the development of this album Nielsen also immersed herself in the literary works of poets and novelists: Kate Tempest, Jennifer Clement, Patti Smith, Karen Mary Berr, all of whose empathy for the human condition burst off the page. The juxtapositions of cruelty and compassion.

Many of the stories illustrated the disproportionate oppression of women. Deliverance, is the result of these stories reaching in and grabbing the instinctive emotional parts of Nielsen demanding to be freed through her music. Nielsen began writing and recording as a means of catharsis during her medical training. Her work as a physician continues to be a source of creative inspiration. Unlike her previous albums, both of which charted on the CMJ top 30, the lyrics on Deliverance are not direct thoughts and reason and meaning. They are moods and sensations and space set against characteristic sonic landscapes. From the anxious ominous electronic beats opening "Juliet’s flight", to the comforting acoustic guitars on "Water," to the terrifying cries on "Kill Me Twice". It is voices and instruments and electronic sounds each with its own distinctive quality, it’s own world. Your world. The world you meet inside yourself each time you listen to the music.