Kim Gray - Compulsion.jpg

Kim Gray - Compulsion (Bad Diet)

Add Date: 08/15
Focus Tracks: 1, 3, 8, & 10 | FCC: 2
Formats: Top 200

Artist Info: Folding vintage radios and toyish Casio soundbanks into live studio-quality compositions might sound like the wet teenage dream of Flying Lotus after too much Tago Mago, but we bet you our Bitcoin reserves that Compulsion holds its weight in dream currency. “Peroxide Blondes” shimmers with the mysticism of a midnight Michael McDonald serenade summoning the spirit of Bobby Fuller while the relaxed vibe of “What’s In A Smile” recalls a rum-induced impromptu beach session between Tom Ze and Kenny Loggins.

Compulsion flows like a composite of uninterrupted REM sleep, but IRL, it follows Kim Gray on a path that confronts his loneliness and modern struggles. If you are searching for peace inside sex, drugs, memes, eating, money, television or internet dating, let Kim be your guide to happiness.