Lee "Scratch" Perry & Subatomic Sound System - Super Ape Returns to Conquer ( Subatomic Sound)

Add Date: 09/26
Focus Tracks: 3, 7, 9
FCC Clean
Formats: College, Electronic

Artist Info:  Lee "Scratch" Perry revisits his classic Black Ark album that defined Jamaican dub music, reincarnating the magic for today’s sound system generation.  How do you improve on a masterpiece? 41 years after Lee "Scratch" Perry defined dub music with his seminal 1976 Super Ape concept album, the musical genius at the age of 81 returns with NYC's Subatomic Sound System to conquer again.  Subatomic reincarnates the classic magic of Perry’s Black Ark studio in Jamaica, leaning even heavier on Ethiopian horns & percussion, while invigorating it for urban jungles with booming Subatomic beats and bass to capture the energy of their innovative live electronic show. The original album was a cornerstone in the development of independent, producer fueled, beat and bass driven music. 

The new album aims to crystalize for the new millennium what is possible by combining old and new technology to achieve unprecedented levels of real time improvisation and sound manipulation between acoustic instruments and computers, exploding previous notions of the line between live performance and studio recording. 

More than a re-creation, this new album breaks ground of its own as Subatomic applies Perry’s dub concepts to current technology opening up new musical possibilities; first, creating a fluid combination of improvisational electronic performance with live instruments in a way that finally sees instruments and computers dynamically interacting like alive band should, while simultaneously being mixed like a studio recording (rather than live instruments simply playing over static backing tracks); and secondly, blurring the line between a live and studio album, combining elements from tour performances based on the original studio album with new tempo synced studio recordings to get that “lightning in a bottle” chemistry of the moment.