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Lo Lytes - "Hurting You" [Single] (Self-Released)

Add Date: 09/19
FCC Clean
Formats: Top 200, Modern Rock Specialty

Artist Info: Singer Jameson Morris and producer/multi-instrumentalist Rockwell Sands form an unlikely duo. Coming together after being introduced by a mutual friend in 2014, the two musicians re-connected after a couple of years and began writing songs that would eventually become the foundation of a new project they dubbed Lo Lytes. Finding common ground on Morris' love of classic funk and Sands' dance and pop music leanings, together they crafted an experimental pop sound that draws influence from artists like Jamiroquai, Daft Punk, and Bruno Mars. In the summer of 2017, Lo Lytes released their first single "Losing My Mind," a danceable look into the dark side of partying. The duo plans on following up with a second and third single that will be part of their debut EP to be released in the fall, titled Lonely Weather, Vol. 1.