Lo:Hi cover art.png

Lo/Hi - Lessons From The Low End (Self-Released)

Add Date: 11/01
Focus Tracks: 1, 2, & 3
FCC: Clean
Format: College, Modern Rock Specialty, & Triple A

Artist Info: Lo/Hi is very pleased to announce that their new EP, Lessons From The Low End, is now available. A tour supporting Gin Wigmore begins on November 23rd, 2016 at the Hi-Ho Lounge in New Orleans, LA.

In Lo/Hi, Steve Rusch’s 808-laced, beat-driven sensibility and Mischa Mandel’s bluesy and soulful vocal melodies mix in a way that is undeniably delicious.

Pittsburgh-born Rusch attended the prestigious art school CalArts after a cross-country busking trip left him on the shores of California. Los Angeles native Mandel entered the entertainment industry at an early age and found solace from the pressures inherent in that business in his acoustic guitar. The duo crossed paths at CalArts, bonding over a shared love of downtempo, electronic, soul, and hip hop.

After graduating, Rusch began working as an engineer (Raphael Saadiq, Solange), while Mandel continued to play and write songs. When he had enough written to record his debut album (All I Know, 2013), Mandel turned to his friend and former schoolmate for production. Working together, it became clear their individual strengths were a perfect complement, and Lo/Hi was born.