Lula Pena - Archivo Pittoresco (Crammed Discs)

Add Date: 02/14
Focus Tracks: 7, 4, 5, 11
FCC: Clean
Formats:  College, World

Artist Info:  

“Pena packs a fado-like intensity into her work, marrying her voice to acoustic guitar backings and favouring allusive, poetical songs, intended ‘to reach a collective unconscious open source’. A fluid, multilingual trance that is truly singular.” – The Guardian

Lula  Pena  on Archivo  Pittoresco: “Archivo  Pittorescois  based  on  a  movement  of  19th  century painters  who  explored landscape  views  and  their  organic  elements,  such  as  ruins,  asymmetries, dissonances,  uncertainties,  shadows  etc,  an approach  which  I  wanted  to  try  in  music.  The  same path— hands-on experience —wandering borderless and intuitively through different languages and sounds, intending to reach a sort of collective unconscious open source."

Archivo Pittoresco  wonderfully  reflects  Pena’s  inspired  wandering:  the  album’s  thirteen  tracks often  flow seamlessly into one another.