Malou Beauvoir - “There’s a Man” [Single] (Panthera Music International)

Add Date: 02/12/19
FCC: Clean
Formats: College, Latin, Triple A, & World

Artist Info: On her new release, Spiritwalker, Haitian-American singer-songwriter Malou Beauvoir communes with and for the spiritual traditions of her island heritage. The album is at once a celebration of the Vaudou spirits that embody and enrich the culture of Haiti, as well as a conveyance of their message of peace and awakening to the world at large.

Beauvoir's music is a rich blend of Haiti's folk traditions and a compelling weave of contemporary influences, melding soulful melodies, hip hop grooves and jazz virtuosity. The songs–a blend of original compositions, traditional folk tunes and beloved popular Haitian songs–convey a powerful message of acceptance and community at a time of turmoil in Haiti and polarization around the globe.

"If you have a voice, it's to be used to communicate for someone or for something," Beauvoir says. "It's great to just sing songs, but we (as a group) wanted to focus our art on bringing about change. I wanted these songs that we grew up with–their values, their principles, the ideas behind them–to become hip, to become accessible to the younger generation so that we can use our own identity to express our frustration and motivate each of us, as individuals, to bring about change."

Spirit walker, set for release on November 2 on Panthera Music International, was recorded at Brooklyn's Kamoken Studios with a multi-national band of gifted musicians. The core group of Haitian musicians included co-producers and instrumentalists Chico Boyer(an activist and community leader who also owns Kamoken Studios) and Cheff Loncher, along with acclaimed singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Paul Beaubrun and percussionists Sirgo Decius and Jean Guy Rene. In addition, the band comprised artists from Cuba (pianist Axel Laugart), Japan (pianist Yayoi Ikawa, guitarist Hiroyuki Yamada) and the U.S. (guitarist Jon Gordon, bassist Calvin Jones, and Haitian-American drummer Gashford Guillaume).

"Spiritwalker has always been a term that I use to describe myself and all people who are in communication with the spiritual world," Beauvoir concludes. "I believe that everything in our world has a soul, from the grass to the stones to the air, which all have different energies that find their place and create a balance in the world. Spiritwalker strives to walk in step with the spirits that surround us."