Moonrise Nation - Glamour Child (Zinc Records)

Add Date: 08/08
Focus Tracks: 1
FCC: Clean
Formats: College, Triple A

Artist Info: Masterful indie folk-pop trio Moonrise Nation will release their debut album, Glamour Child, July 28 on Zinc Records, a label formed by Bobby Z of Prince’s band, The Revolution. Hailing from Oak Park, Illinois, songwriting and vocal duties are equally shared between guitarist Emma McCall, keyboardist Arden Baldinger, and cellist Eva Baldinger the latter two of which are sisters. Their storytelling is crafted from a very personal place, deftly sculpted into a layered, universal experience. Produced by Stephen Shirk (Alabama Shakes, Delta Spirit), the album captures the vertiginous, Millennial high-lows of self-confidence and doubt, happiness and practicality, innocence and reality, feminist strength and vulnerability.

Introspective beyond their years, Moonrise Nation, for Glamour Child's title track, draw on a high school romance experience in which the perception of male and female vanity and narcissism were pitted against each other. This idea is underlined by a piece of art created by Arden and Eva’s grandmother, which they used for the album cover. “The woman that is in the center of the piece represents the glamour and flawless nature of most portrayals of women in media,” Arden explains, “while the raised colorful foam and paper edges around her represent the beautiful imperfections that we all have.”