MXMS - Funeral Pop I EP (We Are: The Guard)

Add Date: 05/14/2019
Focus Tracks: 1, 7, & 3
FCC Tracks: 2 & 5
Formats: Electronic, Modern Rock Specialty, NACC Top 200, & Triple A

Artist Info: War torn from past and present battles of mental illness and addiction, the monsters are very real and the abyss is a current state of reality for MXMS, short for “Me and My Shadow." Comprised of singer Ariel Levitan and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Dawson,  the self-produced duo from New York City and small town Oklahoma creates its own musical genre,“Funeral Pop,” fusing classic melodic songwriting with dark unfiltered chaos driven by a thousand forms of fear.

The band just released its EP, Funeral Pop I, on May 1st, 2019, which features the brand new single “Salvation Hurts.”

Previous singles from MXMS emphasized minimalist raw piano and voice, drawing from Jeremy's classical piano background complimenting Ariel's heart piercing tenor vocals. The new recordings reflect their sonic progression to an expansive pallet of dark instrumentation, pulsing analog synthesizers and a crushing rhythm section layered around Ariel’s haunting delivery. Focusing on movements of emotional trauma and taboo metaphoric expression, the brutal honesty of MXMS leaves an open invitation for listeners' own stories rise to the surface.
MXMS is currently on tour. The duo interprets its recordings live using sequences of projection, keyboards, guitars, and drums to create a safe space for Ariel to deliver her message for the hopeful and the hopeless alike.