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Nahko - My Name Is Bear (SideOneDummy)

Add Date: 10/31
Focus Tracks: 18, 17, 
FCC: 3
Formats: Top 200, Triple A, Modern Rock Specialty

Artist Info: An Oregon native leaves home at 18, follows love from Alaska to Louisiana only to learnabout heartbreak the hard way, meets his birth mother for the first time, eventually settles in Hawaii, and launches a successful band. It isn’t the fulfillment of some loose end in Easy Rider or Five Easy Pieces, though. It’s the origin story of Nahko captured on his 2017 solo offering, My Name Is Bear (SideOneDummy). The album predates his rise to mythos among diehard fans in Nahko and Medicine for the People, and it’s an important piece of the puzzle that is Nahko. Collecting music he penned between the pivotal ages of 18 and 21, the musical maverick describes the 16­track journey as “a prequel.”

Artfully merging rustic acoustic guitars, upbeat energy, tribal flavors, fiery percussion, and reflective lyrics, these recordings reflect the soul and spirit fans have come to know and love from his work in Medicine for the People, while venturing into decidedly more “rocking” and “personal” territory, as he puts it.

“To be honest, I decided to make this last year as the world was changing,” he leaves off. “I know I could go deep on Medicine for the People, but I had to go back in time for myself, clean out the closet a little bit, and give listeners something that feels good, but makes them think. I hope in making them feel good for an hour; it makes them feel better. That’s how I feel.”