Nate Leslie - Years We Lost (Righteous Anger)

Add Date: 03/12/2019
FCC: Clean
Focus Tracks: 1, 2, & 3
Formats: College, Specialty & Triple A

Artist Info: Nate Leslie spent 10+ years as the frontman for the Chicago band Paradigm, playing nearly every notable venue and hole-in-the-wall joint the city had to offer. The breakup of that band was slow and painful, and Nate could have let the disillusionment and discouragement of the band's breakup to push him to hang up the creative dreams for good. Instead, in 2009 he released the first of what is now 6 full-length solo albums in his catalogue, pushing the boundaries of what he knew about recording and production. Pouring himself into the songwriting and constantly working through the challenges of recording at home, Nate steadily evolved his sonic footprint. Each subsequent release brought him new experiences and knowledge, though thus far his presence in the public eye has been minimal. "I could describe myself as reclusive, but that's just an excuse I give for not promoting myself better," Nate says. "That being said, I think people who discover my music for the first time will be pleasantly surprised by my back catalog. There's a lot of songs on those past records that I'm proud of to this day."

Years We Lost, much like his two most recent albums, was written on top of a traditional guitar-bass-drums foundation. "I wanted to make a dirty sounding but still catchy rock record, pulling a lot from my more recent influences, like Beach Slang and Bob Mould, but I found multiple songs pouring out that harkened back to music I loved 10-15 years ago," Nate continues. "Albums like Boxer by The National and even the first Coldplay record still carry weight with me. So, I didn't limit myself to making an album that stuck to one strict genre. I'm satisfied with the musical flow on Years We Lost. Ultimately, it's a record I made for myself, but I think there's something in it for everyone who takes the time to listen."

Nate touches on an amalgam of subject matters on the album, singing about the death of his two uncles, heavy nostalgia, confusion, near mental breakdowns, and of his battle with suicidal urges. As with his previous releases, Nate played all the instruments himself, and recorded everything in his psychedelically painted basement. A small unfinished room adjacent to his studio has served as the location for the first 3 music video shoots coinciding with the album (for the songs "Foggy Windows", "Push The Sugar", and "The Cyanide Tree").