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Peter Himmelman - "Fear Is Our Undoing" [Single] (Himmasongs)

Add Date: 05/23
Focus Track: 1
FCC: Clean
Format: Triple A, Americana

Artist Info: Recorded in Portland in under a week with renowned producer Steve Berlin, Himmelman’s There Is No Calamity, is a work that, through prescience, fate or sheer luck, is fully reflective of the mood of the moment. Songs like “Fear Is Our Undoing,” “Rich Men Run The World,” and the rhythm and blues inflected, “245th Peace Song” filter the chaos of the moment through a stronger, clearer lens. 

With over twenty critically acclaimed albums in total, Peter Himmelman has soared ever higher to that special place where romantic and spiritual expression meet. But ultimately, great artists are more than the sum of their recordings, more than the sum of their performances, more than the sum of their press clippings; great artists continue to grow in spite of all obstacles. Himmelman's stature is clearly building with the release of There Is No Calamity, and while he continues to reach out to his loyal and ever-growing fan base, he never neglects to reach deep inside the wellsprings of his own creative muse.