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Newton Circus - Jericho [Single] (Umami Records)

Add Date: 12/04/2018
FCC: Clean
Formats: College & Modern Rock Specialty

Artist Info: Newton Circus is a Singapore-based indie-alternative quartet. Compared to the likes of The National, Death Cab for Cutie, and Notwist, their eponymous debut EP in 2013 was given coverage on publications like City Nomads and Culturepush, as well as airplay on LUSH 99.5FM, Newton Circus released singles Twilight and Love You Like That thereafter.

After a hiatus, the band released On & On a four-track EP in 2017 that garnered positive noises around the world. In Japan, blogs and digital publications like Indiegrab and UROROS praised the album’s lyricism; across the Pacific, On & On hit the college radio circuit, getting on rotation at stations like KPFK (Los Angeles, US), Radio Canada (Vancouver, Canada), WLTL (Illinois, US), and more. Back in Singapore, the title track landed on Spotify Singapore’s Viral 50 chart whilst being highlighted by Bandwagon for its well thought-out instrumentation.

"Jericho" is a thumping slice of alt-rock that leans towards the meditative rather than the cathartic. The reference to the historic city illuminates the journey of every human to overcome walled obstacles and find his or her own place in their desert; it is the un-dogmatic faith of the human spirit and the journey that inspires this song.

"With 'Jericho' we grasped the opportunity to explore the human spirit, to metaphorically plunge it into an arid, windy and desolate desert existence where even the simplest droplet of water is like gold. The journey of eventual discovery is powerfully liberating, a subtle realization of how our reality can be independent from external difficulties, if we so choose."