Newton Circus - On & On EP (Umami Records)

Add Date: 09/26
Focus Tracks: 1, 2, 4, 6
FCC Clean
Formats: College

Artist Info:  Newton Circus is a Singapore-based indie alternative band making music for the care worn, for the love lorn, for the sentimentalist, for the whispering paramours, for the wistful daydreamers. On & On is the band’s second EP, to be released in September 2017 via Umami Records. The album title is a meditation of the human journey, from death to life, from the simple to the significant. Whether it’s songwriter Kenneth Ong’s description of marriage in the title track or of the fragility of life in "Love You Like That;" from a love done’s death in "Twilight" to an appreciation of the mundane pockets of time in "Birds," the album will uniquely interpose itself with the listener’s own experiences.

Produced by Colin Ong (Newton Circus guitarist) and Kevin Foo (Beep Studios-Linying, Charlie Lim, The Sam Willows), and mastered by award-winning Danish mastering engineer Holger Lagerfeldt, On & On is more than just about showcasing a new sound. The instrumental hook’s simplicity belies the lyrical depth of songwriter and frontman Kenneth Ong. Painting scenes listeners can uniquely relate to, On & On tethers itself to wine-tinged memories, whether in the quiet buzz of a late night out or basking in the warm overtones of contentment and companionship.

On & On comes after more than a year since Newton Circus’ last major activity (music videos for the songs "Twilight" and "Love You Like That" in early 2016), though the song was written even before that. The band decided to commit the track to the record after seeing the jig saw pieces of the album fall in place. The album aims to delve further into Newton Circus’ creative growth in the past two years