Niantic art.png

Niantic - Floating Islands EP (Self-Released)

Add Date: 10/25
Focus Tracks: 5 & 4
FCC: Clean
Formats: College & Modern Rock Specialty

Artist Info: All four members of Niantic were raised in LA. So they transplanted styles. A vision, a sonic architecture, a diversity of borrowing, from all periods and approaches to great music. A relentless focus on arranging, musicianship, and performance. Lyrics rooted in original storytelling, coupled with immediate, intricate riffs. Textures and melodies and rhythms you’ll want to get lost in. Like the melting pot city that shaped them, their music is an eclectic blend of decades and genres that have come together to sound fresh.

All of this comes combines into a powerful live experience that exudes tight playing, joy, and passion. With a deep catalog of stirring, thoughtful originals, you’ll want to bring all your friends.

What does the name mean? It’s an Indian tribe from Connecticut. Ryan found it on a street sign in San Diego in 2008 and it’s a pretty name. It has a couple different pronunciations, and we’re not picky.

The band’s upcoming release Floating Islands was funded completely through the contributions of family and friends. The band recorded the 5 song EP over the course of two weeks at Big Bad Sound LA.