Radiation Puppy Cover Art.jpg

Radiation Puppy- Persona Non Grata EP (Self-Released)

Add Date: 08/29
Focus Tracks: 1, 2
FCC: Clean
Format: Triple A

Artist Info: Fifteen years ago, Radiation Puppy’s debut, Driving Nowhere, was released by the Baltimore-based quartet, fronted by Hamilton. Radiation Puppy was the recording and songwriting vehicle for Hamilton (no animals were harmed in the making of this band name). Fueled by indie pop/rock songs like “Photo Album” and “Crush on Eleanor,” comparisons started to flood in: “Sounds like Jimmy Eat World fronted by Ryan Adams.” “Matthew Sweet meets the Foo Fighters.” A Baltimore Sun reporter said they reminded him of Red Hot Chili Peppers at their most lyrical and melodic (though, to be fair, no one else agreed with that). 

Take another breath. Blame it on the political climate. Blame it on radical changes of both the business and content of popular music. ... But Radiation Puppy has returned. Adding drummer Manolis Tsakaris to the mix, Hamilton, Mandy Buttrum (guitars, backing vocals), and Fuso (keyboards) have released their first recording in 15 years. 

The four-song EP, Persona Non Grata, shows a group that hasn’t lost its pop sensibilities, but maybe has ended up a bit more grounded. “Emma” breaks down the reality of a relationship where two people don’t share the same level of commitment. “Nineteen Again” laments the loss of idealism that time steals from all of us, while “Wait to Meet You Out” and “Call in Sick” (the EDM-fueled first single and video) focus on how, even amid life’s frenzy, we can have moments of peace and clarity.