R.L. Boyce - Roll and Tumble (Waxploitation)

Add Date: 10/17
Focus Track: 1
FCC: Clean
Formats: Top 200, Triple A, Modern Rock Specialty, Americana

Artist Info: The first thing to know about R.L. Boyce is that he is a master of Mississippi Hill Country blues. 

R.L.’s been a musician since his days as a child growing up in Como, Mississippi, home to the great Hill Country bluesman Mississippi Fred McDowell. He started out as a drummer, playing for the Rising Star Fife and Drum band with blues legend Otha Turner, all the while waiting to come out in front to sing and play guitar. His songs are often delivered in an improvisational fashion, with references to his collaborators, his environs and whatever else happens to be on mind at that particular moment. 

This latest collection of songs was recorded over two days. Everything was done on the first take, giving listeners a rare glimpse into the kind of masterful jams that pop up at backyard parties and get togethers in the Hill Country. The recordings were co-produced by North Mississippi All-Stars leader and Black Crowes collaborator Luther Dickinson. Dickinson also appears as a musician on the record.