Ruxell Zona Oeste Cover Art.jpeg

Ruxell - "Zona Oeste" [Single] (Waxploitation)

Add Date: 12/05
FCC Clean
Format: College, Electronic, World

Artist Info: Best known for collaborating with and remixing for U.S. artists like Major Lazer, and some of the biggest artists in Brazil like Pabllo Vittar, Ludmilla, and IZA – Ruxell is now coming into his own. 

In the past, Ruxell’s releases have leaned towards the bass and trap realm. But he took a year off, with the goal of coming back with something distinctive. A unique global electronic that will feel fresh in clubs in Rio, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Sydney, Mexico City. 

"It’s astounding what he’s come up with," says Waxploitation founder Jeff Antebi. "It's soulful, and raw, pop, and futuristic all in one.". The album was produced by Ruxell, and half of the album features his own vocals. Guest vocalists will include the Houston rapper Riff Raff, Rio’s Heavy Baile, and MC Tchelinho, Honduran singer Sofy Encanto, and São Paulo’s Phillip Nutt to name a few.