Samuel Proffitt art.jpg

Samuel Proffitt - The Grey Notebook EP (Self-Released)

Add Date: 10/11
Focus Track: 1, 2, & 3
FCC: Clean
Format: RPM

Artist Info: Critically lauded musician and producer Samuel Proffitt will return in 2016 with The Grey Notebook EP set for release on October 3rd. With the penetrating chill and lucidity of a winter’s night, Proffitt’s music is a window into something more – something elusive, intimate, and raw.

Written and recorded across the globe – New York, Boston, Moscow, Mexico, and British Columbia – The Grey Notebook EP is a five track collection featuring acclaimed singles. As Samuel puts it “the story is always the most important, but there isn't only one way to tell it, it doesn't have to be cohesive in the normative sense”. Although each track on The Grey Notebook possesses its own story sonically, lyrically, and visually, there exists a connection that brings everything to life as if in chapters of a book.

Samuel Proffitt’s musical focus began early on with songwriting and poetry, which further fueled an obsession with storytelling as intensified by heavy background in Russian literature and philosophy. His world, riddled with allusions to Gogol, Bulgakov, Vvedensky, and Kharms, is inflamed by the continually blurred boundary between dreams and reality.