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Shere Disraeli -"Coffee and Weed" [Single] (Self-Released)

Add Date: 11/14
FCC: Clean
Format: College

Artist Info:  Shere (pronounced “sheer”) means “Song,” and his last name is Disraeli. He was born in Israel during the first Gulf War, and his family fled practically overnight because of the threat of chemical warfare. Shere grew up on a free jazz musician's collective in Venice, Los Angeles, where he was surrounded by some of the world's finest musicians. His first instrument was the drums, and he started getting work by the time he was 14.

Shere began being mentored by one of the most recorded soul and R&B  drummers  of all  time,  James  Gadson, (Bill Withers, Ray  Charles, Beck, D’Angelo, Marvin Gaye + more) and also developed a mentorship with Lili Haydn (Herbie Hancock, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, Sting, P­funk + more) playing around the LA scene. After a few years, Shere grew unsettled, so he decided to move to Oregon, where he became a beekeeper, full­ time farmer, certified permaculture designer, and land steward, managing and rebuilding a farm of over 100 acres. He learned so much and reconnected with his life, power, and caring for the earth. But fate would strike again, and he had a Crohn’s flare that completely debilitated him. Due to his state of being, Shere decided he was ready to move back to LA, regain his health, and record his first album. When he moved back, he had 50 songs written and ready to record. Being prepared to track and bring all his talents to the table, Shere recorded his first album to tape in which he played bass, guitar, drums, piano, tambourine, and sang. The majority of the album was cut first take.