Shota art.jpg

SHōTA - Out of the Blur (Amuse/4 SOUND)

Add Date: 9/27
Focus Track: 4
FCC: Clean
Formats: College, Triple A

Artist Info: Melodic singer/songwriter SHōTA, pronounced “show-ta,” is a throwback. Influenced by 60s-era rootsy rock with an undeniable southern California style, you can hear the hints of Jack Johnson and John Mayer blended with a decidedly more hypnotic sensual intensity.

Never influenced by convention, the 21-year-old vegan is not only unique, but sophisticated and defiant. SHōTA has made music all his life. It was his escape and his joy, especially when he was a kid. A longing to connect and an absolute disdain for convention led to him dropping out of school at 16 to pursue his passion. Making is and always has been about “flying toward the future,” which is exactly what his name means in Japanese.

SHōTA's sheer musicality manifested after moving to Japan. He bought a guitar, taught himself how to play and started writing. The initial focus was hip-hop, but his sound evolved into something multi-faceted including songs about unrequited love, infatuation, bliss and heartbreak. His music boasts a rap-like lyrical feel with a classical attention to structure, with poignant pop hooks that shine through the pain and polarity.

“I just want people to feel that way other artists make me feel. That powerful connection. When I was playing classical music, I was covering Bach and Mozart. Now that I write my own music, everyone can see who I am, and that is so much more rewarding.”