Sloane - “Grow Up” [Single] (Atoned Music)

Debut Single 'Old Hands New Face' streamed 100K in less than a month!  

"SLOANE is one of the most talented musicians I know. Not only is he a gifted arranger, but he plays with feeling and skill and passion, and creates music that crosses genre boundaries in really cool and unexpected ways" - Josh Carter, Phantogram

Sloane performs at L.A Hotel Cafe on 7/10 & 8/8

Add Date: 07/09/2019
FCC: Clean
Formats: Chill, Electronic, NACC Top 200, Modern Rock Specialty, & Triple A

Artist Info: Sloane was born out of heartbreak, but like most great self-love stories, it makes them stronger. Their journey started when they felt out of place after a partner left them and desperation set in: who am I? what do I believe in? why the fuck am I even here?

A string strummed in the darkest hour became a battle cry for freedom from the pain. The strike of piano keys became the battalion, while a worn out bow found its place against a tired cello heeding the call to arms.  An upright bass, that never lost its posture, stood in the foreground conducting this personal revolution. The more Sloane could hear the music, the more Sloane began to heal. They realized they didn’t want to be sad; they wanted to live, to smile, to bring joy to themselves and others.

After a year of exploring pain and pleasure through music, Sloane started developing songs with the intention to help everyone that feels out of place to smile and feel more connected. Using synths, samplers, analog synths, guitars and voice pedals, Sloane started making music to cry to while you smile.  Some fun pop music is good for the soul and Sloane hopes that everyone listening smiles a little bit more, together.