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Sloane - “Old Hands New Face” [Single] (Atoned Music)

Add Date: 05/21/2019
FCC: Clean
Formats: Top 200, Modern Rock Specialty, & Triple A

Artist Info: Whether he is music directing for great acts such as Bruno Mars, Pharrell Williams, Macy Gray or Slash - or producing chart toppers like Jake Miller, Phantogram, Tinashe, Eliza Doolittle, Andreya Triana, MAX and LP - Sloane is a talent in high demand. 

Finally, after much prodding from some of the aforementioned artists, Sloane has decided to come out from the shadows to debut his first single, “Old Hands New Face.” 

Like many timeless classics Sloane’s music was born from heart ache and reflection. Everything used to be great and now it’s not? How did we end up here? Change can be a jarring event, but it is often the result of subtle things happening over a period of time; things we swept under the rug or just outright ignored. ‘Old Hands New Face’ is Sloane’s debut single and it captures these feelings and reflections masterfully. The first lyric of the song, “Babe, I saw your text, same time new place, knew it was serious”, kicks off the startling notion that change is here. As the song unfolds Sloane wrestles with the things that have been kicked under the mat to recognize that change happens whether we want it to or not. “Old Hands New Face” is, all in all, a metaphor for change. Nothing is permanent and everything changes: no matter how hard we fight; change cannot be stopped, and neither can Sloane.