(Sound of) The Skeptic - Rooms and Buildings (Roaming Empire)

Add Date: 04/24
Focus Tracks: 5, 13, & 8
FCC: 14 & 15
Formats: College, Modern Rock Specialty, & Triple A

Artist Info: (Sound of) The Skeptic is the creative sum of Singer, Songwriter-DJ, Sagg Himself and Musician, Songwriter-Engineer, Carloss Mackee. The duo met as teenagers and played in several bands together collaborating on musical adventures for over 2 decades, amassing a small booty of inspired Pop-Rock-Americana-Folk-Wave indie productions. Based in Southern Oregon, with Carloss bouncing from there to Northern Utah and back, (Sound of) The Skeptic (Sagg and Carlos) creates sonic atmospheres and narratives within easily transformed universes. Combining influences from Nick Cave, U2, Tom Waits, REM, Neko Case and Depeche Mode, among others, their stroke is broad on the ear.

As well as performing with other groups—Sidewalk Religion, Idiocracy, Cantrip and Pretty Food—Sagg possesses a pop music savvy and an intentional vision for his song-smithing. Lyrically evoking stories of Charles Bukowski to Homer while balancing between playful and romantic melodies re-imagined and recorded by his collaborator, Carloss, (Sound of) The Skeptic draws the listener in by gently inviting them to sit back, start the album on the first track and experience auditory equivalent to a great book, movie or dream. It is cinema as song. And you will love this film.