Spirit Award - Muted Crowd (Union Zero)

Add Date: 10/30/2018
Focus Tracks: 3, 10, & 4
FCC: 6 & 8 [Clean Edits Available]
Formats: College

Artist Info: Seattle based three-piece Spirit Award are known for their unique mix of sprawling stereo guitars, stunningly moody soundscapes and a driving drum and bass foundation. While Spirit Award are aptly capable of generating catchy psych moments, there seems to be no calculable formula to their writing style. Comprised of Daniel Lyon, Chris Moore and Terence Ankeny, the trio’s mutual goal in creating a sound with grit and authenticity is clearly evident throughout their music.

Following the success of their debut album Neverending, Spirit Award are ready for their next chapter with the highly anticiapted release of Muted Crowd. 

Produced by Trevor Spencer (Father John Misty, Fleet Foxes), the release draws inspiration from Seattle - a changing city where musicians and artists are at a constant struggle to survive. Muted Crowd highlights the band’s signature style of expansive and enveloping soundscapes, offering an almost therapeutic quality. Ankeny admits, "Our influences have been pretty diverse lately - post punk, Krautrock and 70’s punk to name a few. I think we’re trying to achieve an amalgamation of different sounds of this one, more so than the last one. More of us swapping instruments and adding sounds and ideas we’ve never fully explored before". 

Leading single ’Supreme Truth’ points to influences of early New Order, Can and early Brian Eno, highlighting psych rock melodies and ethereal vocals. Thematically the single is based on the Japanese death cult “Aum Shinrikyo” lead by Shoko Asahara who recruited the rich to join his cult and carry out Tokyo subway sarin attack in 1995. After becoming fascinated with cults, institutions and religions, the band sheds light on how it can be so easy to get lost in something when that’s all you’re surrounded by.