The Deadmen - The Deadmen (8 Gang Switch)

Add Date: 06/13
Focus Tracks: 2, 1, 10
FCC: 3, 5, 6
Format: College, Triple A, Americana

Artist Info: World-weary and road-wise, the debut full length from Washington, DC’s The Deadmen gazes into the sunset with a furrowed brow. Full of painterly lyrics and profoundly captivating melody, The Deadmen is both a snapshot of a moment in time and a timeless portrait of the struggle between temptation and righteousness that simmers just beneath the surface of our shared humanity, wrought with a masterful economy of language. For what is ostensibly the band’s first proper release, The Deadmen is a bracingly complete work, polished and deeply arresting. 

The Deadmen is, to be blunt, too damn good to rot in a warehouse like some sonic Ark, it’s shining beauty hidden within an anonymous crate.Since its production the nation and the world have changed - though in some way, it feels like The Deadmen has been sleeping, biding its time, until now. The Deadmen is a record of frustration and paranoia. Of hope and loss. Of addiction, despair and infidelity. And in the end it's about love. In times like these, what could be more American - and rock and roll - than that?